For training days and conferences we hire team activities from our wide range of unique indoor teambuilding energisers. Our equipment has been custom designed (mostly by Justin Scroggie, designer to The Crystal Maze) and is not available from other companies. The key features of our activities: 

Each team has the same energiser at the same time
Teams compete against the clock and each other
Each activity requires several skills
Challenges are timed (usually 20-40 minutes)
Activities can take place at the tables in the conference room
Challenges are specifically themed to suit the event or company





These are some of our most popular teambuilding energisers which we have provided for groups ranging in size from 20-500.

Defuse the bomb - Only by entering the correct numerical codes can you disable the four lights flashing dangerously on your bomb! Each team answers questions and solves problems to correctly identify the numbers which make up your bomb defusing code.

Lighthouse Morse Code - On each table is a lighthouse. The lights simultaneously flash out an identical message in Morse code. It's a race against time for the first team to crack the Morse code message.


Face Off - Each table has their own identical face board and box of connecting wires. As teams answer the questions, they are able to make connections but there is only one correct solution, which will make the eyes on the face board flash.

Word Puzzler - Be the first team to create a crossword by moving letter blocks to make interconnecting words. Solve the clues to decide what the words are. Both puzzles and words can be customised to suit a particular conference theme.


Keyboard Cipher - A message relevant to the event is encrypted into a musical tune. Only by the team listening to the tune and using the ciper keyboard is it possible to decode the message.


Giant Matchsticks - Each team has a box of giant matchsticks. They have to work out how to make different shapes by only moving a certain number of matches.


Our 'Crystal Maze / Krypton Factor style' energisers (also known as challenges, ice breakers, team games and energizers), make a welcome break in any conference.

For examples and prices of corporate teambuilding games & conference energisers, request Info or call 0345 838 4722