The word ‘Quiz’ is used to describe everything from a pub quiz to a TV gameshow, so to help you make the right choice for your event, we have listed the different quizzes that QuizTime can provide either as separate rounds or as a complete evenings entertainment.    

Interactive Keypad Quiz
Each team or person has an radio frequency remote keypad.    
Questions are shown on screens and answered by pressing the keypad. Team scores are instantaneously displayed on the video screen. Our unique software also works out fastest finger so avoiding a tie-break.  

Head to Head Quiz
Each team is behind an electronic lockout podium. With the clock ticking, questions are read out by the quizmaster with the teams battling against each other to press their podiums buzzer the fastest.

Gameshow Quiz
The re-creation of part or all of some of the most famous TV Gameshows.
Popular themes are based upon, WWTBAM, Test The Nation, Let Me Entertain You, In It To Win It and University Challenge. Our unique software and hardware when combined with interactive stage lighting gets you as close as you can to staging gameshows outside a television studio.

SMS Quiz
A question is displayed on video screens together with a unique short dial mobile number. Using their own mobiles, each contestant sends their answer as a SMS, which are instantaneously sorted and displayed by computer. A text message can be sent back to all the correct entries and they can go into the next round or a winner can be chosen randomly at anytime.

Teambuilding Quiz
In each round the teams are given a different puzzle or peice of equipment. Against the clock the aim is to crack to code, solve the puzzle or complete the task.    

Fundraising Quiz
For when there is a dual purpose to the event of having fun and raise funds. Other elements are introduced between rounds, including video horse racing with computerised tote betting.

Traditional Quiz
Teams answer questions shown on video screens.
Rounds can be themed and have clips including music videos, films, sport, or TV programmes.

See our Quiz Packages section for 3 of our popular quiz events or our Equipment Hire section for details of quiz equipment we hire.