Organising an AGM or Award Ceremony can often be an additional job responsibility. That's why partnering with QuizTime will be your best event decision.

Our approach has always been quite simply to keep the event on budget and make it as easy as possible for the organiser.

We have provided solutions for many PLC's, housing assocations and smaller members organisations. Our services go from the event registration through to the voting of awards or new board members.

We welcome inquiries which allow us the opportunity to 'package' our interactive voting with our other services. Inevitably you will then get a great collective service at the best possible price.

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Some key services were are able to offer include:

Event management - ensuring what you want to happen does so safely and on budget. 

Literature design and print - ensuring that your branding looks right across all printed and projected material.

Video filming, editing and scripting - for pre event presentations and particulary award category nominations.

Risk assessment - undertaking a formal review of the potential hazards of staging a particular event.      

Equipment sourcing - Liaising with providers of specialist equipment outside our hire stock.   

Final reporting - Providing evaluation documentation, making the next time easier for you!